Sander Fernandez

Principal investigator

Dr. Fernandez is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, who specializes in Clinical Trials Research, Regenerative Medicine, Sport Medicine, Non-Surgical Pain Management, and Men’s Health.


He completed his Residency training in Family Medicine at East Carolina University/Vidant Medical Center in 2014. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine Degree from St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine in 2011. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Florida International University in 2006. In addition, he completed a Master’s in Healthcare Administration in 2014 from Davenport University.

Dr. Fernandez has always had a passion for Sports Medicine, and Musculoskeletal pathology. Since his early years practicing sports, and being surround by his father, a former National Swimming Team Head coach, older brother, a former professional Triathlete, who had multiple injuries and struggle to recover from them, he knew steroids or anti-inflammatories were not the best choices. He also knew that Physical Therapy had his limitations. Over his years of education, Dr. Fernandez, has completed multiple CME courses and trainings with various organizations to continue advancing his therapeutic options to help his patients.

Over the past 5 years, his practice has been focused on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, non-surgical Regenerative Medicine, and Clinical Research. Clinical Trials and Regenerative Medicine has tremendously impact the way patients are able to take their lives back and being functional again.  Managing ED/PE and chronic pain through Regenerative Medicine has been a very gratifying experience for Dr. Fernandez and his patients.

Outside work, Dr. Fernandez loves to go on adventures with his wife and children, serving on mission trips with his church, training for Triathlons, playing Golf and Tennis.